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Dynamics 365 Enterprise training videos, courses and guides

Dynamics 365 Enterprise training videos, courses and guides

Microsoft have been releasing so much new training material for Dynamics 365 Enterprise this year that we had to split the information into several blog articles.

After our Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) course catalogue (January update) and our DLP course catalogue (April update), we are now sharing with you the list of Dynamics 365 Enterprise training videos which are currently available on the DLP.


How to access the training material

In order to access the material available through the below link, you will need to have access to the Dynamics Learning Portal. If you’re an independent consultant who doesn’t have access to the DLP, we can provide you with free specialised Microsoft training and professional resources – find out how here.

If you are a Partner employee who doesn’t have access to DLP, your employer can now request a 90 days free trial of DLP – this guide describes the steps which need to be followed in order to get access to this free trial.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise training videos


Post Blitz | Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing (Adobe)
Dynamics 365 – Adaptability


Die Wirkung des Stacks: Microsoft Dynamics 365 mit Office 365
Ihre einmalige Chance: Der Vertrieb von Microsoft Dynamics 365
Werte erkennen mit Microsoft Dynamics 365
Förderung der digitalen Transformation mit Office 365 und Microsoft Dynamics 365
Verbindung mit Kunden und Gewinn mit Microsoft Dynamics 365 und Office 365
Office 365 und Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Geschäftschancen für Partner
Post Blitz | Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service (German)
Post Blitz | Microsoft Dynamics 365 | InsideView, Versium und Gamification
Post Blitz | Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Demo-Ressourcen, Roadmap Seiten-Ressourcen und Bereitschaft


Une occasion unique : vendre Microsoft Dynamics 365
Identifier la valeur avec Microsoft Dynamics 365
La combinaison gagnante : Microsoft Dynamics 365 et Office 365
Comment présenter la transformation numérique avec Office 365 et Microsoft Dynamics 365
Entrer en contact avec les clients et les convaincre d’utiliser Microsoft Dynamics 365 et Office 365
Office 365 et Microsoft Dynamics 365 : une opportunité pour les partenaires
Post Blitz | Microsoft Dynamics 365 pour le service client
Post Blitz | Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Ressources de démonstration, ressources de site de feuille de route et préparations
Post Blitz | Microsoft Dynamics 365 | InsideView, Versium et Gamification


千載一遇のチャンス: Microsoft Dynamics 365 の販売
Microsoft Dynamics 365 の価値の特定
スタックの力: Microsoft Dynamics 365 と Office 365
Office 365 と Microsoft Dynamics 365 によるデジタル変革の訴求方法
Dynamics 365 と Office 365 で顧客とつながり、顧客の心を掴む


La oportunidad de su vida: venta de Microsoft Dynamics 365
Identificación del valor con Microsoft Dynamics 365
El poder de la pila: Microsoft Dynamics 365 con Office 365
Cómo ofrecer la transformación digital con Office 365 y Microsoft Dynamics 365
Conéctese con los clientes y gane con Microsoft Dynamics 365 y Office 365


Other Dynamics 365 Enterprise training resources

For a comprehensive list of additional training and professional resources for Dynamics 365, take a look at our Dynamics 365 readiness guide for consultants.


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